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Is Halloween close to origin?

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It seems that the origin of Halloween is closely related to Bon festival in Japan.

We briefly researched around when it has become the present situation.


Until the year before last, we think that the news on Halloween was often heard. Although it has become like a costume contests in Japan. In our research the result is that it seems that the parade at Omote-sando area started in 1983. However, at first, very few people noticed it, and participants seems to be few.

Around the year of 2000, it seems that the events were started to be held splendidly at the two big theme parks. At the same time, people started to gather at the scrambled cross over point at Shibuya station around those time. It seems that about ten years after that, many people actually started to be popular generally.

One of the reasons seems to be the popularity of smartphones, with the nation-wide development of SNS accordingly, which heated up the situation drastically.


It may be that the timing is just right. In August, as there are a lot of events such as summer vacation, Bon festival, summer Koushien high school baseball games and so on. In December, although our image is busy for year end and year start, Halloween may seem to be just in-between.

Some people are developing Easter. However, as for Japanese seasonal viewpoint, small kids are in spring vacation, society members are busy in fiscal year end, in early April, so the timing still seems to be crucial. Furthermore, if Easter is fixed every year or about similar date every year, for the relative companies, Easter may be easy to well set about.

(Incidentally, Easter day this year is April 4, and next year it is April 17, which is two weeks apart date.)

The reason of dropping out of religious atmosphere from Halloween in Japan is, as also in September there is autumn equinoctial week,

Considering Bon festival in August, consecutive similar festivals for three months starting in August may also be the reason. In Japan, seemingly, it is increasing year by year that easily accepted elements are only taken out well, and developed for popularity as welcoming event, then fixed.

That is Halloween. If there is not dressing rooms near the destination, you should get on trains fancy-dressed.


Is it accepted to be dressed fancy in pubic? However, for only once a year event, construction of dressing rooms is not realistic.(It may be possible to rent normal paid toilets )


Introductory remarks in advance may be very long, however, installing private rooms also possible to be used as dressing room may be a good idea, which is the topic today.

The following picture is a simple dressing room.

If it is made as fully large private room, it will be large enough as dressing room. Usually, it may be also used as remote work, or tele-work or study room or so on, or as waiting room.

Mounting glass wool or so on the wall for sound insulation, the room will probably make a relieved specification for business men and women.

The picture may look dark, however, if we install light, it may make a different impression.

We will place a device so called runner at your requested place, then go on mounting LGS(=light gauge steel)on that.

We go on sticking on board, then the work is completed.

Usually, construction work such as this at a part of the space in rental meeting room may also be necessary in the coming era.


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